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Floor and Chassis

Nov 2011
Before I add a new front cab floor I needed to add the U shape bracket, between the seat and pedals that supports the floor, as it is missing. However I decided to also add a cross brace.  Did this using 20 mm square steel tube bolted both sides and made the bracket of the same stuff. The bracket supports the cross brace and the floor. Have 15mm clearance between gearbox and cross brace...hope it is enough! All is bolted in place so it can be removed if needed. Intend to fasten floor to cross brace also. See pics below.

Some photos of the as supplied state.

Chassis as of Oct 2011 with handbrake cable bracket reconnected, new flex hose in brake circuit and the wiring started to be sorted.

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  1. Crikey, Mike, your cab floor support is much more substantial than the original. Great stuff. I wonder if I should beef mine up now!