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Ragley Claasic Car Show

Monday 27th May 2019

Attended the Ragley Car show with my van YMJ 702. Changed the grill and rear badge to MORRIS, from AUSTIN, just for a change.
Arrived early, around 8:30am, to avoid the queues and drove straight in and parked in section 'L' for commercial vehicles. Was the first to arrive and as it turned out the only commercial vehicle in the section!
Awarded the 'Class Winner' could I loose being the only one!
Met some nice people and had a lot of interest in my van.

Here are a couple of photos...there would have been more but my camera battery ran out of juice!  

For the eagle eyed I have added the two rear door buffers since last out. Did this by making a silicon rubber mould of an original and casting with a black rubber compound. Turned out not too bad...right shape but surface has a few bubble marks.

AUSTIN APACHE  Made in South Africa

George has a new best mate!

May 2019

Having had an chrome bumper Blaze (orange) MGB GT previously I have bought another...this time a 1978 Brookland green rubber bumper version. 
Spent the last month just putting a few things right and a general tidy up. Otherwise it's all go. Black 'leather' interior, good all round body work, replacement Ivor Searle engine.

But still planning to take George to Ragley show on the 26th May. See you there!

LSV 492 to YMJ 702

Feb 2019

Just seen a better photo of my van, when it was LSV 492 in its prime, posted on 'Save the Morris J Type Van' Facebook page.

So for comparison here it is...much before it came into my possession...and how it looks now with its original registration plate of YMJ 702 and British Railways livery..

Colour Brochure

January 2019

While my van is tucked away for the winter with little to do right now here is a short video of a sales brochure from 1958. Enjoy...