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Body Work -Offside Wing and Step

More Body Work...Offside front wing & Step.

More photos of the start of work to repair and replace missing panels.

More Body Work...Nearside step

Here are the photos of the work done on the nearside step area. Quite a lot of work in making parts and getting them all to align.

13 &14 Step plate and supports
15. Step in place
16. New Door runner made
17 & 18 Door runner in place and most items welded.

More body work...front wing repair

As a result of old body work repairs the nearside door does not fit correctly when closing. To correct this Maurice (MTR Restorations) has had to remove the front nearside wing in order to realign the body work, to get the door fit correct. The wing had previously been welded directly to the front nearside body panel. In fact both front  wings have been welded to their respective body panels, so it will be the same repair on the offside also.
Here are some photos of the wing removal and repair.

1. As originally welded

2. As originally welded

3. Wing removed

4. Wing removed

5. Wing being repaired

6. Wing repair

7. Side panel before repair

8. Side panel repair

9. Side panel repair

10 , 11,12  Door shut construction.

A bit more progress

Sept 2013
1) Body work
Maurice, at MTR, has been sorting out my body work problems and has come across some more issues while fixing the nearside step. However he thinks he has mainly resolved the problems that others had left and is close to welding it all together. See photos below.

2) Livery
While 'George' has been away I have been giving some more thought to his final livery. I have pretty well decided to use a 'Blood & Custard' British Railways design. See illustration below. If anyone knows of the correct lettering or near correct, apart from 'British Railways' I would appreciate some advice. I strongly suspect neither an Austin 101 or Morris J/JB was ever used by British railways but I think it would suit anyway. It fits the era nicely and I am sure to get some railway enthusiasts interest, for good or bad!

More bits and pieces

June 2013
1. Decided to have a couple of wheels shot blasted and painted to see how they came out. So hammered out any dents in the rims, got them shot blasted locally and I added a few coats of primer, top coat and lacquer. Result was good enough. Colour is Ford Ivory! Now I only need tyres, valves and hub caps!
Can I have tubeless crossply tyres?

2. Got some 7 inch repro chrome headlamps off Ebay. They may just do the trick?

3. Got around to painting the dashboard tray. Have also filled in the cutout for the heater vent as I decided not to fit a heater. Therefore have two spare heater outlet nozzles should someone want them?

top side

bottom side

Front cross beam...

May 2013
MTR restorations have told me I am a front cross beam missing....the one that supports the steps and sills. So Maurice has fashioned one from Morris Minor chassis parts and some skilled sheet metal bending and welding. Looks like this.......

More body work.....

May 2013...Some photos of the new rear cross beam being installed.

May 2013

Body work begins!

March 2013 update

'George' has been away for a couple of months now having his body work restored.
He is in the capable hands of Maurice at  MTR Restorations .
Work so far has involved repairs to:-

  • The rear offside hinges, outer skin corroded and rotten.
  • Rear cross beam cut away from chassis. beam had been welded in the wrong position some years ago.
  • New cross beam made by Maurice.
  • New sills made by Maurice.
See photos following:-

Jan 9th 2013- Start of a long journey.

Offside- lower door hinge and body repairs.

Offside- upper door hinge body repairs