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Brakes and Hydraulics

 June 2011...Soon after purchase I decided to take a look at the brakes as the van had been hard to push along...needed two of us!  Needed pushing because it didn't battery, no radiator, no steering wheel fitted, just for a start. 
Checked front brakes and they were jammed pretty tight. Eventually managed to free the brake drums and remove them. All looked not too bad so I freed the adjusters, re greased the bearings and put them back together. Wheels turned OK now but I didn't try the brakes because there was a pair of mole grips hanging from the rear brake line...which is usually a sign of trouble ahead.
So I removed the rear brake drums to take a look. What did I find?....well nothing!  no brake shoes and no wheel cylinders! Now I realized what the two plastic carrier bags with brake shoes were for!!..... they where not spares!
So I ordered new rear wheel cylinders and replacement seals for the clutch and brake master cylinders while I was at it together with a new rear flex hose.
After a couple of weeks I had fixed it all and put it back together including removing the pedals and painting them and all other associated parts. Also found that Morris Minor rubbers fit the pedals.  So did it all work?
Not quite...The front brakes didn't operate!
After removing the front wheel cylinders it was clear they were jammed tight. So another order to PowerTrack for front wheel cylinders. Once fitted these cured the problem.
So eventually when the van runs I might be able to stop it!
If any one has a couple of front brake return springs...the ones with lots of coils I could do with them as mine has currently got two wrong springs fitted.
Here are a couple of pics of brake bits.

                                                                        Front Brakes

Master cylinders Refurbished and in place

Rear Brakes



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