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Van History for LSV 492/ YMJ 702

I am trying to put together as much information as I can on the background history of my Austin 101 van. There is some confusion as the registration changed, around 1986, from YMJ 702 to LSV 492. If anyone knows why please let me know.
So far I have pieced together the following timeline. ( Refer to map for an idea of location)
A- Manufactured prior to Jan 1960 at Adderley Park, Birmingham.
B- First registered in Bedford, on 27 Jan 1960, to the Eastern Electricity Board. Colour was Green.
Colour changed in 1964 to duo blue.
C- Next registered by Frosts garage on Chesterton road, Cambridge around 1973.
D- October 1986 registered to a Mr Kidd in Cambridge. Colour is now Brown/Beige. Change of address in June 1987 to Cockthorpe Hall, Wells, Norfolk. To date the van still retains the Toy Museum livery and the Cockthorpe Hall address.
E- May 1994 there is a change of ownership to a Mr Johnson at the 'The Old Butchers Bookshop and Gallery, Cley Next the Sea, Holt, Norfolk. 
F- Next change of ownership is in Feb 2000 to a Mr Darling at Langham Hall, Holt, Norfolk.
G- In Sept 2004 ownership passes to a Mr Jinx in Leicester.
H- Then on to a Mr Cocken, at Hessle near Hull in Nov 2009.
I-   Finally ownership passes to me Mike Bell in May 2011. Now located just south of Birmingham.

If anyone can add to the van's history then please get in touch and in particular about the change of registration. 

Rear Shocks

Jan 2012
After a couple of weeks of trying to find some suitable rear shock absorbers I finally came across a local mechanic who did a search of his stock and found a pair of KYB 443020 shocks that have the required length and stroke. ( 11 inches compressed and 17 inches extended, centre to centre ) The only difference is that these have bushes with a metal tube each end. They need 1/2 inch bolts to secure. So out can the top pins and in went the bolts. Needed 3 1/2inch  long at the top and 3 inch at the bottom. Only needed a few minutes to install.
For info KYB 443020 shocks are listed for the rear of a Mk 1 Ford Escort (1968-80). Hope this helps.

Fuel Tank

Jan 2012
Took the plunge and removed the fuel tank for inspection and a clean up. Condition was pretty good with only light surface rust in a few areas. managed to sand down all over, treated the surface rust and applied two coats of black Hammerite and then a coat of underseal to the lower half.

Here are a few pics along the way.