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Fuel Filler

Fuel Filler Position... 24 Oct 2014

After having extensive work done to get the body to sit on the chassis in the correct position I noticed that the petrol tank filler cap and the access hole in the body no longer aligned. In fact the cap sat about 50mm forward of the access hole and low, making undoing the cap very difficult. After some 'considered 'thought I felt the better solution was to introduce a flexible filler tube between the tank and I set to work to find some suitable rubber tube, fashion some brackets and modify the fuel tank pipe.
See photos below of my efforts......the cap now sits in the centre of the access hole. I did leave the bayonet connection of rigid tube to fuel tank in tact as the other option was to have a bent rigid tube part made to correct the mismatch. However will see how the flexible tube performs for now.




Foot steps & Painted Floor

5 Oct 2014.
Finished floor
Managed to get a number of coats of black exterior gloss paint to both sides of the floor and get it back in place...hopefully will not need to remove it all again for a while.
Will add some rubber flooring at a later stage.


Foot steps
Painted foot step recesses...stone chipped metal foot plates and made and painted wooden footplates. Fastened all in place. Intend to add rubber surfaces to wooden step plates at a later stage.
Here are a few photos