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More progress

16 May 2017

Front doors and all windows now added.

Also re-did seals on back door windows. Managed to take out glass without damaging seals as they didn't sit correctly in the first place. Glass was correct size but window opening in both doors needed enlarging slightly...just a few millimeters on depth and flange was a bit too thick in places. Used angle grinder to adjust. Seals sit a lot better now!

Progress update

3 May 2017
Just a couple more photos showing addition of windows to front and rear,number plates and front decorations.

Used 391 'S' shaped rubber section for all windows. Not the easiest to fit but managed with the help of a second pair of hands and a liberal use of washing up liquid.
Tip:- do not lubricate the glass edge before fitting the rubber....the rubber slides right off the glass when trying to fit it.

I suspect the rear window glasses are a bit to big. They fit but not totally happy with them.
Had to 'estimate' the correct glass dimensions as I didn't have a sample when ordering new glass.
Does anyone have the correct size for the rear window glass?...just width and height will do.