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Back Home...let the fun begin

28 April 2017
Most of 'George', the Austin 101 JB type is finally back home from painting. I say 'most' because the front doors and front wings are still at the paint shop...promised next week.

Now I can start work fitting all the bits that have been scattered around the house for so long. So I am searching in the loft, under the beds, in cupboards for all those bits bought and restored over the years and tucked away for safe keeping.

Still missing a good front centre grill strip...the chrome one that runs vertically. I have a makeshift one that may do but if anyone has a spare please get in touch.

Anyway started by fitting the back lights, rear door badge and rear number plate light and fittings. Currently working on refurbishing an old spare wheel carrier and going to have a go at fitting the rear door windows next...wish me luck!

Here are a few photos.

Two days later we have 'Blood'

20 April 2017

Two days after the 'Custard' came the 'Blood' . Actually BS381C -540 Crimson
The 'Custard' is my attempt at a British Railways cream...could not find a definitive answer to  the question of a spec for this cream any where...not even the National Railway Museum in York!. 
My 'cream' is Piaggio Yellow Sahara Y0131. Looks pretty good in the flesh....but I am sure some railway expert will put me right!

Here are today's phone not that good with red on some shots!
Van should be complete from painting in the next few days after back doors are fitted and odd marks cleaned up.


Almost there with a new coat of paint

April 2017

After 6 months in the paint shop it looks like my van is about to emerge into daylight once more!
While I was in no hurry to have it back over the winter, now that spring is here I am very keen to start putting it all back together.
Within the next 2 weeks I should have it delivered and the fun can start.

Here are a few photos of the first application of top coat. I am sticking with the British Railways, Blood & Custard, livery.
The photos show the 'custard' colour applied all over. Soon the 'Blood' will be added from the waistline down.