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LSV 492 to YMJ 702

Feb 2019

Just seen a better photo of my van, when it was LSV 492 in its prime, posted on 'Save the Morris J Type Van' Facebook page.

So for comparison here it is...much before it came into my possession...and how it looks now with its original registration plate of YMJ 702 and British Railways livery..

Colour Brochure

January 2019

While my van is tucked away for the winter with little to do right now here is a short video of a sales brochure from 1958. Enjoy...

If you could turn back time!!!!!

20th Nov 2018

Just bought a price list booklet for the Morris Commercial Show 1958

Here is an abstract just for the JB 10cwt van

About the same price for a finished van as the 1958 average annual wage of £569, (£12,300 in 2018 terms.)

Here is the full booklet

NEC Classic Car Show 2018

NEC Classic Car Show - November 9th to 11th 2018

Drove my van to the NEC show to display it together with others from the JB Register.

Had lots of interest in our vehicles and display of WW1 family soldiers.

Saw lots of wonderful displays of vehicles both old and modern. 

Well worth the early morning commute to arrive before the crowds!

Stoke Prior Steam Rally 15th Sept 2018

15 Sept 2018
Drove to the Stoke Prior Steam Rally, near Bromsgrove, and spent the day having a look around and chatting to others about their memories of British Railways and the van. Great day!

Parked next to a Stanley Steamer

And finally...the inside!

August 2018

Finally sorted various items I have collected to add to the British Railways theme for my van.

Would be nice to add a BR seaside poster to the outside next, I think!

Which do you prefer Austin or Morris?

July 27th 2018

After replacing rear hub axle seals and gearbox extension seal, after all leaking post run to Wythall Rally in June, have finally driven my van out of garage to take some pics of the two different types of grilles I have for my JB van.
Take your pick....Morris grille has the looks but Austin grille has the rarity.

Same van ...different grills.