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And finally...the inside!

August 2018

Finally sorted various items I have collected to add to the British Railways theme for my van.

Would be nice to add a BR seaside poster to the outside next, I think!

Which do you prefer Austin or Morris?

July 27th 2018

After replacing rear hub axle seals and gearbox extension seal, after all leaking post run to Wythall Rally in June, have finally driven my van out of garage to take some pics of the two different types of grilles I have for my JB van.
Take your pick....Morris grille has the looks but Austin grille has the rarity.

Same van ...different grills.

Morris Grille completion

July 2018

Have got the Morris grille back from the painters and added all the decorative bits.

Can I now say I have two Austin and Morris?  but never seen together!

'New' Morris grille

Existing Austin grille

70th Anniversary Rally 16th & 17th June 2018

16th & 17th June 2018
Here are some photos of George's first real outing as we attended both days of the J Type 70th Anniversary at the Wythall Motor Museum.
A big thanks to Harvey Pitcher and Gary Sumner  for all the hard work in preparation and  organizing this event for Morris/Austin J type vehicles. Also to those behind the scenes who made this a most memorable occasion, Thank you all!

Morris Grill

18 May 2018

Have been slowly working on getting a Morris grill for my Austin van just to show the difference and to be able to confuse those at any shows attended when I swap the grill at mid day!

Progress to date 

Grill ...bought an old grill from MTR , repaired and primed ready for final paint job.
Going to be same colour crimson as van and gloss black inside chrome strip?

Front battered Morris badge from Harvey.. carefully reshaped letters as brass was easy to work, sent away to be chrome plated and then hand painted infill.
After reshape

plated and painted.

Centre chrome old one from Roland..cleaned, repaired,  primed, sanded to fine finish and then covered in stretchable vinyl chrome sheet, as repair was not metal but reinforced filler and therefore unsuitable for plating.
Did try various cans of  'chrome' spray paints but none were even close to the finish on the spray can caps!
Finish is pretty good, looks like chrome from a couple of feet away, but not quite as good as chrome plate. Cost less than £5 to cover in vinyl but make sure you get the stretchable version.

Chrome strip surrounds...bought new from Harvey...made 16 own fastenings from brass sheet, 1.2mm thick, and soldered in 4mm countersunk brass screws. Note:- due to the corners of the strip being closed in needed to force 4 fastenings, each half, round corners. Made the plates 0.650 inches wide and chamfered both front edges. Used small screwdriver with blade placed at base of screw and light hammer to tap past corners. Other fastenings I did not chamfer, made same 0.65 width.  Most screws were more central in plate than pictures below!

Fit in strip

1.2mm brass plate, countersunk and soldered brass screw

chamfered leading edges for forcing round corner sections.

and finally Rear Badge...managed to get a rare rear MORRIS badge from Oliver...cleaned painted and fitted a false back plate so it will attach to the existing narrower hole pitch that  the AUSTIN badge fits. Not sure about colour...but matches front badge!

Morris J Ice Cream Van

Feb 2018
Bought a newly made 1/12th scale J type model tin model ice cream van off ebay. Looks more like a decorators piece than a proper toy model. Wheels do go round!
Repainted in lighter ivory colour plus added some 'ice cream' themed decals.
Not sure of it is an improvement on the original, but it is unique!


                             More yellow than cream with a painted effect rusty theme.


Approx 11 inch long by 5 inch wide by 7 inch tall

Long lost 'family'

December 2017

As Christmas is a time for families to get together here is a list of George's family...well all known previous owners...nine including me.

You may also want to wish him a Happy Birthday...on the 22nd December..he will be 58 years old!