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Sun Visor

 3rd April 2024

After enquiring about sun visors on Facebook site, Morris J Type Van Owners and Enthusiasts, I came across what seemed a suitable visor for sale on eBay.

It has 3 axis movement and a dark smoke grey transparent visor. The visor is 15 inch long by 5 inch deep. (38cm x 13cm) The seller did not know it's original application and I have not seen a similar one before. After a small amount of modification it will now operate as a fold down visor and if you don't want its leading edge toward you it can be folder away. The 3 axis movement allows it to be manoeuvred past the wiper motor with ease. See photos.

In Use

Stowed away above wiper motor

Raised 90 degree towards driver from 'in use' position

In use

Raised 90 degree from In Use position, side view.

Interior Light

 Jan 2024

Bought an interior light assembly on spec as it looked very similar to the one shown in the workshop manual. See picture below.

Although it looks identical in form and shape to the above figure I think it is a smaller version meant for a vehicle with hinged doors. While it is switch operated it also has an additional ground connection for the lamp to be operated by a door opening. It also has a chrome base, much too posh for a J Type?

However I have fitted it in place of the more modern one I had installed. It just fits in the door cover panel recess. I had to make a wooden backing plate as the switch mechanism and connections stick out some 15 mm below the base plate.

Here is the result.

I also have a larger base plate for what could be the correct light if someone has a plastic cover?  
See picture below.
This one has the small knob on the switch lever , as the official illustration, while the one fitted above is just plain. This base plate is the same design but there is only a one electrical connection and an earth.
The  plastic cover needs to be approx. 6 inches long and 2.5 inches wide to fit this base.


 NEC Classic car show November 2023

Another year at the NEC of the J-type Register


 2023 - Ready for the New Year!

2023 is the 75th anniversary of the J-Type, so I hope to get George out and about a bit more.

One special event , organised by the J-Type Register is in June. see details below.

Hope to see you there.

The Wythall Transport museum is at B47 6JX and Harvey can be contacted by email at

Passenger floor

 22 Sept 2022

More messing about! Saw this somewhere recently but search as I might, can't find it again!

So did what I thought would give more leg space when climbing aboard.

Used 20 x 20 x 1.5 mm aluminium 90 degree angle. Heated and bent for the round shapes.

Cutout is 80mm deep.

Gives easier access with still plenty of support for passenger's feet when sat. 

Was like this:>>>>

Now like this:>>>

Feckenham Wake 2022

 25 June 2022

Ventured out to the Feckenham Wake on Saturday. Lots of cars ,lots of folk...a great day and came away with a prize!

Plus others that took my eye