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Winter Work 1

12 December 2012

Here are a few additions/changes I have made since displaying my van at the November NEC Classic Car Show.

In no particular order

1. Rear door handle.

Was fortunate to pick up a second hand rear door handle at the NEC. It did have a longer shaft than I needed but after a little bit of tweaking it fits fine. Chrome work is in very good order. Now fitted.

2. Gear Lever Bush

Had a lot of slop in gear lever movement making gear changing very vague so decided to investigate.
Bought a nylon bush from Moss, part number 22H15, fits MGA/MGB also.
Removed gear lever by removing large circlip, cover and spring, slackened off 2 side pegs by unscrewing them a few turns and lifted gear lever out. 
Had no trouble removing the existing bush, as there wasn't one! No wonder changing gear was a bit vague!
Fitted bush to ball on gear lever, it just snaps on, and re-inserted lever and bush into selector with a small amount of grease applied.

Reassembled spring, cover and circlip, best need 2 persons for this, one to hold done the cover against the spring and the second to locate the circlip.

Much less slop in gear lever movement now! 

3. Sliding Door Stops

Other vans at the NEC had positive door stop brackets where my catches just clashed with the door arch.

So I made some stop brackets from 25 x 2mm mild steel strip. There were a bit tricky to get in the correct position but do now stop on the catches.

4. New Headlamps

Replaced both headlamps with new from SVC. These are closer to the originals than those I had fitted previously.

5. Fitted interior light

GPO type, kindly supplied by GaryS. Fitted over back doors with a small switch on a bracket next to it and wired to a second battery. Already had a spare 12v battery so used this as the power supply rather than drain the main battery. Disguised this battery as a fake parcel.

Battery is securely fixed to the van side stay and can be recharged by lifting the fake parcel off. Uses 36w large bulb and illuminates the inside nicely.

6. New Ignition/light switch

This is not something I intended to do but after wrongly connecting the headlamps and creating smoke and smell of melting plastic I had to rewire some of the side light harness.
While doing this I decided to replace the old switch and add inline fuses to both the sidelight and headlight circuits.  

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