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A tale of two carbs!

Jan 2016

And the saga continues into 2016....the year I hope to get my 'George' back on the road!

A little while age I bought a 'new' Solex 30 AHG carb from Ebay. As you may have done as a number were on sale.  At just £50 it seemed an offer not to miss and would do for spares if nothing else. When it arrived it was clearly new and unused and I was very pleased with it.

However comparing the jet sizes with the Solex leaflet I had for the JB van there were some clear differences. Three of the jet sizes were not as the leaflet and the choke tube was larger than the 21 m/m stated. Otherwise outwardly the carb look identical to the leaflet and to the one already fitted to my van engine.

So I put it aside for later consideration.

Last week in an attempt to get the engine to run better I removed the old carb and stripped it down to give it a good clean. I did find quite a lot of dirt in the main jet which was probably the cause of the rough running.

While I had the carb apart I did compare all the jet sizes with the Solex leaflet and the 'new' carb I purchased.

To my surprise the old carb and the new carb were identical in all respects! All jet sizes and the choke tube match.

So I replaced old with new and all works fine.

Does anyone know why the jet /choke sizes are different to the leaflet? My engine is a gold seal replacement (48G55AD) 

See below for the actual size differences. 

So if you also recently purchased a 'new' Solex 30 AHG do check your old carb and not rely on the Solex leaflet. 

Different sizes shown in RED below

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