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A tale of two carbs!

Jan 2016

And the saga continues into 2016....the year I hope to get my 'George' back on the road!

A little while age I bought a 'new' Solex 30 AHG carb from Ebay. As you may have done as a number were on sale.  At just £50 it seemed an offer not to miss and would do for spares if nothing else. When it arrived it was clearly new and unused and I was very pleased with it.

However comparing the jet sizes with the Solex leaflet I had for the JB van there were some clear differences. Three of the jet sizes were not as the leaflet and the choke tube was larger than the 21 m/m stated. Otherwise outwardly the carb look identical to the leaflet and to the one already fitted to my van engine.

So I put it aside for later consideration.

Last week in an attempt to get the engine to run better I removed the old carb and stripped it down to give it a good clean. I did find quite a lot of dirt in the main jet which was probably the cause of the rough running.

While I had the carb apart I did compare all the jet sizes with the Solex leaflet and the 'new' carb I purchased.

To my surprise the old carb and the new carb were identical in all respects! All jet sizes and the choke tube match.

So I replaced old with new and all works fine.

Does anyone know why the jet /choke sizes are different to the leaflet? My engine is a gold seal replacement (48G55AD) 

See below for the actual size differences. 

So if you also recently purchased a 'new' Solex 30 AHG do check your old carb and not rely on the Solex leaflet. 

Different sizes shown in RED below


  1. Hi, do you still have the carb? Im needing 25mm chokes and some of the other jets ta

  2. Yes, I still have the whole carb. Do you want to but it?

  3. Hi, yes I'd be interested, what do you want and would you post to Fife? Sorry, lost your blog, have u any other form of contact? Ignore email below, not used. Ta, Scott

  4. Hi
    You can contact me directly at ''
    Looking for £50 plus postage for the carb. Can send photos via email once I have your contact.
    Regards Mike

  5. Hello,
    I am posting because I have experienced the same dilemma of a NOS AHG30 Carb that had settings in some cases quite different to the setting in the leaflet for the Austin 152 which I have. Trying the published settings the running is not good. Reverting to the jets supplied it runs better except when easing off from a steady throttle when it is a little rough. Anyone have any ideas please on either point?
    Thank you.
    Tony Isle of Wight.

  6. In some cases the jet sizes can change depending on where you live or the type of driving you intend to do ie city to the Highlands of Scotland will be different air conditioning not to mention hoe you drive. Hope that helps. Austin ju