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More bits and pieces!!

Nov 2015

Grill fastener

Have been searching for a missing grill fastener every since I took ownership of my van.
At last I have found a source for the Dzus fastener, AJ6-1/2-60, that holds the grill in place. 
These are to be found at . There is a small minimum order charge and postage...but for around £10 I bought a quantity of seven.

Screw Jack

Decided to identify and try and get a suitable period car jack for the van. Service parts list identified the Jack as '97H751'. This is the same part called out for the Morris Minor van. site identifies Shelley jack LJ31 as used on the Morris Minor 1/4 ton van.

This triple screw jack has a closed height of just over 5 inches (125mm)  and a fully extended height of 13.75 inches (349mm).

Managed to get one, including handle, off Ebay. After a couple of hours of cleaning and repainting it now looks like this:-

When in use at the rear axle it does lift sufficiently for the tyre to clear the ground...but only by a couple of inches. At the front it is small enough to fit under the axle beam quite easily.
Will probably use a wooden spread board, say 13mm (1/2 inch) for use on soft ground and to give a bit more lift at the rear.
For reference Shelley jack LJ32 is very similar but will give a few more inches lift.

More body work!

Going through a period of learning how best to get the exterior body work straight and smooth. Currently taking several attempts on each section to get close!
Here are my efforts to date on the front cab. Just got the two lower rear side panels to go.

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