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More Interior work...

June 2015
Here are some photos of the latest 'state of play' regarding the interior of my van.

Advances from my last posting including finishing painting the cab area, fitting the driver and passenger seat and adding various miscellaneous bits..... have also fitted the rear doors so they fit correctly after a fair amount of reshaping and shimming!

As you can see I still don't have any metal rails that run along each side of the I have fitted wooden ones for now. For the eagle eyed amongst you I haven't fitted the inner door panels correctly as yet...I still need to remove them when I start on the external body panels so they are a temporary fix for now.

As far as the outside goes I have prepared all four doors, the roof and the front grill...still a fair amount to do before a final British Railways colour scheme can be added.

Which reminds me....does anyone know how I can contact the owner of the Morris Minor van done in the same British Railways livery? I have seen a few photos of NDF looks great... and would like to make contact to discuss paint specs etc.




  1. Hello,
    My apologies for being late to the party but I am Matt and I own Wilbur. BR Morris Minor Van NDF 815F