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8 Sept 2014 & 13 Sept
Have managed to do the first fit of the plywood floor. Used 12mm external plywood which I intend to paint, both sides, once I am happy with the detailed fit of all the pieces.
Made the floor in sections, screwed to the frame, so most are easily removable should I need access to the mechanics below. Have included a hinged battery box trap door and made a metal plate to cover an access hole for the fuel gauge sender unit.
As the rear internal mud wings needed extension plates to reach the frame and are not a pretty site have decided to hide them with a plywood cover that also incorporates a storage compartment. Will do this both sides.
Here are some pics to show progress to date.
Completed the nearside cover come storage box for the mud wing. Have now included locks to the storage lids and made sure they both are strong enough to sit on.
See photos at the end.


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