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June 2014- Floor Frame

Just had a go at making a floor frame!.I say 'just' but it has taken me several hours!
Used planed softwood in sizes 44 x 69 and 44 x 44 mm. Have managed to make the frame so it can be removed in one piece.  Fortunately due to previous work to get the body raised to its correct position the flanges, on the rear mud guards, that normally sit on top of the frame have been removed. This allows the frame to be easily removed. I intend to fit new flanges once the frame goes in permanently.
Probably put in more runners and cross spars than would have been fitted originally but all seems to fitting at the moment.
For the main frame I used half lap joints, glued and screwed plus cross spars secured by brackets and screws plus glue. Finished the whole frame with a couple of coats of exterior satin varnish.
The intention is to fit a plywood floor, in sections held with screws for easy removal.
Here are some photos of my woodworking efforts to date!

 Above- main frame..half lap joints all places.

 Above- Blocks fitted to ends of each main runner to support inside rear cross beam on van. ( frame upside down in photo)

 Above- First fit to van. Frame needed tipping at about 45 degrees to go through rear door opening.

Above- Second fit with additional cross spars fitted.

Above- Looking to add some additional support across petrol tank using a 20mm square tube as there is not enough height for a strong wooden support. ( bracket at an angle has not been fixed yet)

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