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March 2012....General Update

Have decided to call my van George, in memory of my dad who passed away just over a year ago.  He left me lots of engineering tools and every time I need some special drill, tap or tool I look in his chests of goodies and there it is! I have thanked him many times for making a difficult job much easier. So its 'George the J-Type' from now on.

Have spent the winter on a number of tasks including having the front brake shoes relined at Villiers Services, Merry Hill, Birmingham. Then  managed to successfully get the hydraulics bled and the brakes working. Also had a local glazier make replacement toughened glass for the front and rear windows.  However the highlight has been getting the engine to run.  Repaired the battery box and bought a new battery.  After initial teething trouble with the starter solenoid not earthing correctly, (cured by running a permanent wired earth) it was all systems go. (See video following.) I did have a large oil leak afterwards but just needed to tighten the oil filter housing a few turns to cure this. Even managed to drive back and forward  6ft...!!
It's the body work next....


  1. stunning progress, well done, do you still need front brake springs?

    1. Thanks. I would like the correct springs, if you have them. I have 'cheated' and used new TR2 springs that are 20 mm longer. Have compensated by adding extra holes to the shoes. They still miss the axle, just!