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Pictures of Models (No not that sort!)

Got a bit bored not being able to get on with work on my 1:1 model so I have added a slideshow of the 82 models I have collected over the years. One are two are self made and a few are classed as Code 3 models. There are both 1:43 and 1:76 scale models. If you have other pictures of different models I would willingly add them in.



    Don't know if you are interested in any of my lot (I see you have an impressive collection, many of them Code3s, so my lot will probably not impress)...but if you are, they are all packed up and ready to be sold and I will do the whole lot for a good price.
    aka Tinworm

    1. Sorry for appearing so ignorant of your message but I have only just found it...17 March 2013!!! Must look more often!
      However , no thanks, I have all those models.