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Front Cabin

06 Dec 2011
Fitted upper engine cowl after making and adding a missing carb. shield to the engine.

 03 Dec 2011
Fitted new wooden floor to front cabin. Fitted battery isolator switch inside seat box. Sorted foot well plates and bolted in place. Secured seat box in place and added seat. Added steering wheel...just to get the general effect and for the photos! Added handbrake gaiter and gear lever gaiter (gear lever gaiter from MGB) Fitted lower engine cowl in place to see how it fitted. Will fit the upper engine cowl soon and finish painting the floor and seat frame.  That might be all I can squeeze in before Christmas...need to get some gifts sorted soon for her who needs to be obeyed!.

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  1. Stunning progress, a real credit and shows your ability. Keep up the good work and try not to freeze too much in the garage this winter.