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Instrument Panel

1 Dec 2011
Have now added indicator switch to instrument panel. Know its not an original addition but needed a neater solution than just a bracket attached somewhere. Block is fastened to instrument panel and wires run inside block and exit inside instrument panel. Flasher unit is sited above the fuse block. Will tidy wiring when I have checked it all out sometime in 2012..when I get a battery!

Nov 2011
Have sorted and replaced all of the wiring and finished the instrument panel. Have added a headlamp warning light and reset the mileage to zero as I suspect the previous showing of some 19000 miles was a tad out! . See three pics below.
Just need to decide where to hang an indicator switch as I am going to keep the front and rear turn lights already added.

Sept 2011
Have spent a long time trying to sort out some good instruments from those fitted and the spare set that came with the van. Have resorted to stripping down the ignition switch and repairing the broken lever and replacing the faded  words ' HEAD  SIDE OFF' with a printed disc made on the computer. Only time will tell if it all lasts....If I come across a good cheap replacement switch I will fit one. Had one hell of a job removing the steering wheel from the spare column. Eventually had the son-in-law make me a special plate to use with the puller. Cleaned up the wheel and gave it a few coats of black vinyl paint. Looks like new now! Anyone any idea what fits in the centre of the steering wheel?
Cleaned and painted the instrument panel in situ. Once I have sorted the mess of wiring I will refit the instruments.

Steering Wheel


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