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Nuffield Manufacturers Plate

13 Nov 2020    Addition of NMP

After getting a Morris Minor, with a missing Nuffield Manufacturers Plate (NMP) I saw they were available via a contact associated to the Morris Minor Owners Club. They supply them stamped up with the correct numbers for your vehicle, provided you can supply these numbers.

This NMP looked identical to that fitted to Morris /Austin JB type vehicle but was missing the extra lower section.

Upon enquiring to the MMOC contact they were willing to have a go at making the extra piece as a separate item, with the potential to selling to other J type owners.

Through my Austin 101 van heritage certificate information I was able to supply enough data to Roland Turner for him to allocate me both a Z and J number. 

The eventual result is as below, as supplied, made in aluminium. Cost is currently £20 per plate. ( £40 for the 2 plates for the J type.)

It's not too clear from the photos but on the NMP all text is raised except the numbers 45288

On the lower strip the Z and J are raised and all other numbers are impressed.

Before fitting I used a small flat punch on each corner to replicate a spot weld  electrode mark, just for fun! Then epoxy glued in place and painted body colour.

Once the shine wears off it will look less brand new!

Hopefully not too far off the original.

Also got a single NMP for the Morris Minor, all stamped with the correct numbers.

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