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Lockdown labours...water pump and rear door body pegs

20 May 2020

Water pump...had ordered a water pump as was getting some slight water drops from somewhere...but not sure where. Just thought I would change it out to be sure.

Removed grille and radiator and started to undo bolts holding water pump on, only for two of the four bolts to shear off just below the head! But the pump would still not come loose. So after a far amount of heat from a blowlamp and thumps from a lump hammer I did get it off. The bolts/aluminium body had corroded together as one. Fortunately the remaining shafts of the bolts did unscrew from the main block without any damage.

The old pump was also badly corroded at the outlet pipe with some of it missing.

Replaced bolts and fitted the new steel pump without further trouble. Gave whole area a coat of green engine paint plus yellow fan and put it all back together. See photos below.

Old Pump

Pump Removed

New Pump in place

Belt & fan added

Radiator back in place and all done.

Rear Door Body Pegs

Bought 2 of these 3D printed pegs from Chris in Tasmania.
They are a good quality plastic 3D part that are supplied grey in colour.
I did a small amount of light sanding to remove some minor printing marks on the main barrel before painting. Then grey primed and black gloss. They look just like the metal ones, don't you think.
Mine are not functional as the doors do not fold back as I have then on check straps.
Fitted with 6mm bolts.


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