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Austin 101/MorrisJB Records at Gaydon

15 Dec 2016

It came as quite a pleasant surprise to read in the Morris Commercial, Autumn 2016. magazine 'Recalling' that the British Motor Museum Heritage Trust at Gaydon has surviving production records for 1957-61 Austin 101/Morris JB vans for Chassis numbers 36048 to 48368.

As my van's chassis number came inside this range I duly sent away my cheque and a month later got a Heritage- Certified Copy of the Factory Record.

In my case I knew my van was registered on the 27th  January 1960 from the log book. What I didn't know was the date of manufacture.

The Heritage  Record showed my van built on the 22 December 1959 and despatched on the 31 December 1959.

Now I have the choice to MOT or not!

First I have to get the van back from the paint shop where it has been on 'low priority' since mid Sept 2016... but it is getting there!

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