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Jan 2013

Well here we are, full of hope and anticipation, for a good year,.... and some progress on George this year!
The general plan is to get the body work repairs started in January and take it from there.

In the mean time I have been pondering about what colour to paint him and what sort of paint scheme to do. 
So I decided to create a number of drawing views on the PC to help.  I ended up with four views, front, back, offside and nearside and can now colour all parts just as I want. They may not be 100% accurate to scale but do give a good idea of what the finished van may look like.
Below are a few examples of  my schemes to date. 

PS have also modeled Morris front views. ( see below)

I have created all these using Serif DrawPlus 8 software. If you have this software and want to have copies of the masters just email me. If you want me to do you some schemes just let me know the colours and I will send you some pdf files to view. ( No charge!) I can change wing mirrors lights and any other parts if you send me some details.

Austin 101-1
Austin 101-2

Austin 101-3

Austin 101-4
Austin 101 5

Austin 101-6

Morris Commercial


  1. Very nice artwork there. For me I like version 3, sort of GWR "Blood and Custard" .
    It will look stunning when finished and be a real eye catcher for your business, once sign written.

    1. Thanks
      Version 3 is based on British Railway colours...have modified a 1:43 model in same colours. But I do like green things! It will depend on what livery I choose. Have yet to decide but am open to suggestions.
      PS Planning to transport van to MTR on Jan 9th.